About our pricing

Rated Fresh is not about making money, selling as much as possible or generating profits. Instead, our company is built on the expression of creativity and faith. It’s a vessel to glorify God, share God's love and reach out to those who may need help getting out of darkness.

As long as Rated Fresh can be funded through t-shirt sales and private donations (including our owner’s funds), we’ll use our t-shirts to spread the Word of God – one t-shirt at a time.

All of our T-shirts only cost $7 each

On average, it cost us about $7 to produce a high quality shirt that fits well and feels nice, sometimes more, but since it's the owner's favorite number he has chosen it to represent the cost of the shirts. More importantly, Seven also happens to have biblical connections, representing completeness, as well as physical and spiritual perfection. Much of its spiritual meanings are derived from its connection to the creation story.


Donations Welcome:

How We Use Donations If you choose to purchase our t-shirts, there is an opportunity donate to Rated Fresh Denver. Of course, donations are not required, and we greatly appreciate your support via your purchase of our t-shirts.

All proceeds from any donations we do receive, however, will be invested in youth support programs, especially organizations that provide help to at-risk youths. Our owner, Hieu Pham, is passionate about supporting these programs and helping at-risk youths because, as a young man, he endured personal struggles. That’s one of the main reasons that Rated Fresh is an expression of faith and creativity, a vessel to share the Gospel and, ideally, inspire others to make good choices and trust in God.


Coming Soon: Our Donations at Work…

As we receive donations, on a regular basis, we will report our donation efforts, including details on how much we donate to different organizations. So, stay posted to see how we are using donations to help the community