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Celebration Of Children

Celebration of Children is a multi-cultural, non-profit committed to nourishing the minds through Read To Succeed and bodies with Culinary Kids. We host annual events such as: diaper drive, school supply drive and Illuminate: a performing arts fundraising event. We support programs that motivate, inspire and equip children/youth/young adults to face life with confidence....See more here

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At Rated Fresh Denver, we are proud to donate a portion of our proceeds to various organizations that support people in need, including at-risk youths, children & women in need, the homeless, the disabled, veterans, etc.

We are passionate about helping the community and encouraging people to make better choices and find faith. Through our donations, we hope to help the needy in the community gain access to the resources and support they need to live a good, faithful and better life.

How We Donate

On a quarterly basis, Rated Fresh donates 25 percent of net sales to signed-up beneficiaries. This percentage will be evenly divided among all of the signed-up beneficiaries.

We also offer the opportunity for beneficiaries to receive 25 percent of an entire order. For these beneficiaries who are interested and active in supporting Rated Fresh, we will provide them with a specific, distinct code that they can distribute to their customers.

When people enter that specific code upon purchasing our t-shirts, the beneficiary associated with that code will receive 25 percent back in donations from that order. In other words, by spreading the word about Rated Fresh, beneficiaries can get more donations from us.

Becoming a New Beneficiary

At Rated Fresh Denver, we are regularly taking on new beneficiaries. To sign up as a beneficiary, click on the button below.

Organizations that sign up as our beneficiaries will only need to permit us to use their name and logo on our website (and potentially in press releases and/or other materials for Rated Fresh).

Coming Soon: A List of Our Beneficiaries

Stay posted for a list of our beneficiaries. We are excited to give back to and support the community!

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